Mask your identity with your own
secret media agent
and start streaming anonymously
without being tracked

Streaming movies is risky. Your IP address and private data is being actively tracked by your Internet Service Provider and Government Agencies. Your secret media agent is an Internet Bot to defend you against tracking, mask your identity and let you stream completely anonymous.
You just choose what you want to watch and your agent will create a safe stream. The stream is encrypted and rerouted before sending it to your device. This masks your identity and makes it impossible to track what you are watching.

How it works

How it works step 1 Image
There are lots of streaming websites. Many of them are full of ads and trackers, some even are honeypots set up by government agencies to trick you into giving all your private data. Even if you are lucky and were not tricked, finding a working one with the right movie is a lot of hassle. Stuttering streams with constant interruptions for ads is something you will be facing there. To give you the joy of uninterrupted anonymous streams Secret Media Agency was created. Secret Media Agency is an Artificial Intelligence which permanently searches lots of streaming websites. It extracts information of available movies there and generates a clean website without ads, trackers or any other malware. This is the website you are currently visiting. It shows you the full catalog of all available movies combined from all of the streaming sites.
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When you choose a movie on this site you will not open the unencrypted and insecure stream directly. Instead you just send a streaming request to your secret media agent. Your agent manages server infrastructure on behalf of you. So your agent will look up the information about the original stream and forward this information to a remote server. On the server the original source is first stripped from any trackers, virusses or malware and then the stream is encrypted. To not leak your IP address to this server your agent additionally reroutes the stream via an anonymous proxy server. Because the stream was encrypted beforehand the proxy will not know what it is forwarding.
stay safe
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How can I create a secret media agent?

You will be asked to create an agent the first time you want to watch a movie listed on this website. You don't need an Emailadress or password to control your agent. Instead a secret code is securely created on your device. This secret code is used to create an end-to-end encrypted communication channel to your agent.

It asks for an invitation code

When there is a high demand for server infrastructure agents can only be created after invitation. This is to make sure that every agent has enough bandwidth available.

How much does it cost?

Creating an agent is free. Your agent will rent server infrastructure on behalf of you. This includes access to an anonymous proxy server and access to an encryption server with unlimited bandwidth. Your agent will do its best to keep your cost at a minimum. When free server resources are available it will cost you nothing and if not you can fund it with as little as 1 USD to let your agent rent on demand servers.

What funding options are available?

You can fund your agent via various crypto currencies.