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Startup: The Real Story

8/10 | 47min

Andy Ridgway
Faiz Al-ShahabMaszlee MalikMahathir Mohamad
Over the years Malaysia has invested millions into promoting tech startup, in an attempt to replicate Silicon Valley in the West. This documentary looks at a 10year journey of e-Sentral, an e-book tech company that began as a startup, and its journey going through the different phases of growth. The film interviews startup industry players in Malaysia; leaders, executives, and entrepreneurs sharing their perspectives and experiences on how it actually is, and not as how it has been typically portrayed to be. A must watch if you like the tech space as the film portrays a genuine feel for perseverance and grit.
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Faiz Al-Shahab
Maszlee Malik
Mahathir Mohamad

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